We will contribute to the realization of a flourishing and vivacious human society
through our exceptional technology and creativity.

  1. Manufacturing from the customer’s perspective.
  2. Realization of maximum quality and low cost.
  3. Tireless endeavors in technological innovation.
  4. Building a company with world-class appeal.


With tireless endeavors in evolution, improvement and true value,
establish trust from the world by our distinctive technologies, and
build an organization that enables all employees to achieve
self-fulfillment through their work.

Steady Approach to Manufacturing
Steady Approach to Manufacturing
YAGI INDUSTRIES has steadily engaged in expert R&D and tireless endeavors in technological innovation. We put into practice a corporate stance of constantly pursuing the next level up. In order to deliver higher quality products with higher added value, each employee thinks and acts autonomously. Based on this slogan of “Think & Act,” we work to create new value with a constant attitude of striving to go ever higher.
Integrated Production System Enabling Commitment to Manufacturing
Integrated Production System Enabling Commitment to Manufacturing
The highly adaptable integrated production system is capable of addressing diverse needs, including material quality, shape, and finish, organically linking to processes such as heat treatment and machining with forging at the core. It was developed to allow us to constantly aim even higher under the spirit of “Think & Act.” Leveraging this system, we are able to improve productivity, to manufacture high-quality, low-cost, highly reliable products and deliver them to our customers.


President Norihiro Yagi
Aiming to become a company that contributes to society through manufacturing
PresidentNorihiro Yagi
From our founding in 1914 to this day, we have made efforts in keeping with the spirit of our founding, which is to contribute to society through manufacturing. In 2014, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding, and today, our products enjoy the high acclaim and trust of customers in Japan and around the world. With the rapid progression of borderless economy and the dawn of an era of major global competition, we aim to survive by becoming a global company with a high level of technological capabilities through company-wide creativity and efforts to aggressively meet increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs more than ever before. Thank you for your continued support.