The products created by our integrated production system have earned
a solid reputation together with the YAGI name
thanks to their high quality and added value like low cost and stable supply.
Not content with resting on our laurels,
we continue to pursue more advanced manufacturing,
demonstrating collective strength that features a balance of development,
technology, and production by stepping up our creativity and efforts.

Forged Products
Forged Products
Forge & Strengthen
The process of forging involves tempering steel to increase the strength and viscosity of the metal and give it new life as a product that serves a purpose.
YAGI INDUSTRIES entered the field early on, and ever since then, we have worked to enhance our production line by maintaining and installing additional forging equipment, etc.
This was to improve productivity but was made possible by our strong desire to deliver better products to our many customers and to society at large.
As demand grows for more sophisticated, complicated and diverse products, we conduct 3D analysis leveraging our analysis technology to engage in near net shape forming, saving resources and energy and achieving high production efficiency.
Machined Products
Machined Products
Refine & Enhance
In many cases, hot forged products are required to undergo a very high level of machinings such as for high precision or a smooth mirror-finished surface. At YAGI INDUSTRIES, we have developed an advanced hot forging production system and introduced a proprietary high-precision machining system at our plant so that we are prepared to handle all processes, from hot forging to machining.
Our unique machining equipment combines general-purpose and specialized machines, such as NC robots and proprietary hydraulic working machines. Moreover, our experienced staff pursue ultimate precision without compromise.
The products then undergo careful inspection by our skilled professionals.
The many products that come about as a result of this comprehensive technical prowess are highly precise with brilliant and pursued functional beauty.


From forging to machining, marriage of expertise and technology.
"Highly adaptable integrated production system"
The “highly adaptable integrated production system” is our proprietary integrated production system.
With forging at the core, we are establishing a production line capable of addressing diverse needs,
including material quality, shape, and finish, organically linking to processes such as heat treatment and machining.
Leveraging this highly adaptable system, we are able to improve productivity,
to manufacture high-quality, low-cost, highly reliable products and deliver them to our customers.